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More About This

Hi, My name is Nathan, thanks for checking out my page.

If you're here, then you probably share my love for arts and expression. My vision is to spread the beauty, truth, freedom and peace that creating has brought me to whomever may be open to it. Be it through my art or my music, I like to create in a way that stokes the fires of curiosity within those who behold my works.

My pieces have no set stories, motives or meanings assigned to them but my hope is that you, the viewer, will find your own interpretations. If you honor me by taking the time to peruse my collection - or even purchase something for your wall - I invite you to use the art as a vehicle for your own reflections, musings and explorations.

I appreciate you and am deeply thankful to you for stopping to check out my little world. I hope you have an awesome day

~ Nathan

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